Alphabet Worksheets – Short Vowels – Free Teaching Resource

Fun educational worksheets to help your child practice key skills. Today, we are going to learn about a group of sounds called ‘short vowels’.

Download and print our worksheet which will help your child learn their AEIOU short vowel sounds!

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Simply draw the line to match the sounds with the correct things.

Ask your child if they can remember which five letters are vowels (a, e, i, o, u). If they remember, write the vowels on a board or paper as they call them out.

If they can’t remember, write the letter on a board or paper, then say the alphabet and stop before each of the other vowels so your child can call the vowels out each time (i.e. stop at d and wait for your child to call out e; stop at h and wait for them to call out i, etc.). Each time, write the vowel on the board/paper.

Point to the vowels on the board/paper one at a time. Each time, say the letter as it is in the alphabet, then pronounce it with its short vowel sound (e.g. say A as it is said in the alphabet, then say a as it is said in apple). Ask the children to repeat the sounds after you each time.

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