Alfie’s ABC

Learn your ABCs in this award winning app with Alfie & Haathi

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About Alfie's ABC

Join Alfie and Haathi on a journey of India as Alfie’s Alphabet fills the senses with multi-sensory cues that will help your child learn the English alphabet and their first words. We have researched alphabet-learning techniques and popular preschool curriculum fundamentals on the best way to teach your children the alphabet, combining both visual and auditory stimulation.

Key Features

Alphabet Phonics

26 captivating scenes for each English alphabet and comes along with audio pronunciations and easy to follow instructions for children.

Sticker Book

Your child will also be rewarded with their choice of sticker after each correctly completed letter which they can store in their virtual sticker book.

Teacher Friendly

You can also select the English alphabet from the teacher ­friendly alphabet chart option, provided in the drop­down menu.


App Description

Alfie’s Alphabet is a happy culmination of all this knowledge and the creative minds at AppyKids. Our apps are designed to be easy to use, but we encourage parents to take an active part and sit with your child while they explore the ABC’s with Alfie.

Alfie’s Alphabet includes 26 captivating scenes for each letter of the alphabet accompanied with audio pronunciations and easy to follow instructions for children. The app will keep your child engaged with beautiful characters, geometric puzzles, great music and interactive sounds.

Alfie’s Alphabet also teaches fundamental writing concepts to preschoolers – identifying letters, reading letter symbols and associating letters with words. Alfie’s alphabet is free to download and comes with five letters to practice. We offer a one-time unlock to access the complete alphabet, so you don’t have to worry about any additional in-app purchases.

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