About Appy Animals

Get your kids learning Hindi/English with Appy Animals – an interactive, educational language app that your child will love. Your kids will have fun discovering animal names in Hindi, all while getting a feel for the sounds they make and how they move. Each animal is accompanied by its English and Hindi names, as well as a phonetic spelling to help teach them how to pronounce the words correctly for the animal names in Hindi. The perfect app to teach first words in Hindi. Made for ages 2 – 4.


First Hindi Words

Phonetic spelling to help teach them how to pronounce the words correctly.

Feed the Animals

Children will learn to know what animals eat, but choosing the correct food for them.

Talking Heads

The animal head puzzle. Place the right animal in its place and see it come to life!

Original Hindi Nursery Rhyme

Discover a beautiful hand drawn and animated nursery rhyme in the popup puppet theatre. Learn a new song complete with English translation and phonetic support.

App Screenshots

Entertaining and interactive features that make Appy Animals heaps of fun include:

  • Original music by critically acclaimed Bollywood music director, Ram Sampath of ‘Chennai Express’ fame.
  • Alfie to the rescue! If your AppyKid gets stuck, Alfie jumps down from a vine and gives a helpful hint to nudge your little one into the right direction in this animal names in Hindi app.
  • Appy Animals has hidden surprises! Tickle the tiger’s belly and see its reaction and look out for the goofy dancing monkey as he hangs from the tree!
  • Pull-down navigation during this animal names in Hindi.
  • Widescreen awesome-ness without any letterboxing!

Note: This ipad apps for kids in Hindi was created with children aged 2 to 4 in mind.