AppyKids Play School – An Educational App for Kids

Learn language, numbers, colours, shapes, music, art and a whole lot more through story, gameplay and hours of fun!

A World Made Just for Kids

Welcome to the AppyKids Educational App – PlaySchool! Where the magical learning fun never stops! Learn language, numbers, colours and shapes through music, stories, games and fun!

Download the AppyKids Educational App – PlaySchool or use it with the adorable Appy toy and smart flashcards that interact with the app. This helps combine the best of digital and physical play to offer an entertaining and immersive learning experience for children that they are sure to love.

Award-Winning Educational App for Kids

We love what we do and these awards are a reflection of the passion and expertise of the team. Our reward is seeing children learning happily with AppyKids!

Explore Appylonia

Discover some of the different islands in the land of Appylonia. New islands are added regularly with more fun learning topics, stories and games.

AppyKids Educational App – Play School 
Download the best educational apps for kids under 6 for free on the Apple App Store.


Learning tasks within the Play School app begin with a story based song, which presents the information to be learned. The individual elements are then isolated and repeated.


Children are then allowed to practice freely applying the knowledge they have learned.


The final stage adds an element of risk as children are encouraged to produce what they have acquired through game based play.

The games are story-driven rather than simply repetitive drills, something that is integral to engaging early learners. There’s real depth and progression built-in.

Steven Bambury
Head of ICT, JESS