Dress Up Zee

A world in your wardrobe. A fun, educational and interactive app that introduces your child to the cultures through fashion.

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About Dress Up Zee!

You and your child will love this app! It’s fun, educational and introduces your child to the cultures of 5 countries, France, Egypt, India, Japan and Mexico. Not only can you play Dress Up with each country’s costumes, you will also learn their national greetings, words for several items of clothing, national landmarks, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and local gestures and dances.


You can personalise the app creating 3 different selfies, yourself, your child and a friend, to use whilst playing. With the addition of The Royal Pack you are taken inside the world’s famous royal palaces and given the opportunity to Dress Up in exquisite gowns and uniforms. This interactive edutainment app features Zee, an Arab girl who is inspired by the great explorer Ibn Battuta and has a passion for travel and knowing more about the world.


  • Choose different countries and explore their national dresses and costumes.
  • Combine and style fun outfits for our 3 main characters: Zee, Farah and Karim, in beautiful global locations.
  • While playing Dress Up Zee, you will hear greetings in the national language of each chosen country and learn the local words for several items of clothing.
  • Get creative! In Zee’s Room you can mix and match the outfits from each country to create a unique ‘dress up mash up’.
  • With stunning hand-drawn global backgrounds, detailed costumes and accessories, this trendy fashion app is a visual delight.
  • Take snapshots of your favourite outfits and save them in your photo album to show to your family and friends.
  • Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with this app. They can discover their inner trendsetter with the gilded costume choices of Ancient Egypt, high Parisian fashion, incredible Indian outfits and much more.
  • New country and seasonal style packs will be released periodically.
  • Easy to use, kid-friendly interface.

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