Zee Writes the Arabic Alphabet

Learn to write the Arabic alphabet with Zee in this award winning Apple App of the Year!

Learn to Write the Arabic Alphabet with Zee

Follow the magic chalk with your finger as you learn to trace and write the Arabic alphabet with the help of animated arrows. Your child will smile as their efforts are rewarded with a playground scene. Here the animated Arabic Alphabet letters come to life! Watch as the the tineen (dragon) blows fire! The ghorilla (gorilla) goes bananas and the sarukh (rocket) prepares for take off and many more special animated playground scenes.

Did you know? This writing game teaches fundamental writing concepts to preschoolers: identifying letters, reading letter symbols, and associating letters with words.

That’s not all! Your little ones are rewarded for a job well done with fun stickers to choose from. These stickers are collected in their virtual sticker book that also provides a platform for unstructured play with its images, characters, and of course, stickers!

As usual, Appy Kids encourage co-viewing this app with your children to get the most out of this impressive learning tool.

Apple App Store - App of the Year

Apple announced that Zee Writes the Alphabet, was selected for the App Store Best of 2014 in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and India!

We would like to thank Apple for recognising the hardwork and efforts we have taken to create these beautiful apps.


The Arabic word associated with the chosen Arabic alphabet letter morph into a fun, animated cartoon! Then watch as the magic chalk traces the Arabic letter to show you the correct way to form each alphabet.


Imitate - Learn to write the Arabic alphabet

The animated Arabic alphabet cartoon character by writing freehand with the magic chalk. Be mesmerized as the asad (lion) roars, the huut (whale) swims in the sea and the tayara (airplane) flies through the sky with Zee as their fellow adventurer.


That you know how to write the Arabic alphabet to go to the playground scene where the characters come to life! The unstructured tracing reinforces motor-skills and commits the written Arabic letter to memory through repetition and multisensory cues.

App Screenshots

There are many reasons why Zee’s Alphabet is the best way to teach your children how to write the Arabic alphabet – here are just some of them!

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Learning how to write with the EYFS methods and concepts – the “hide” function removes the original outline so you can monitor  your child’s progress
  • Repetition of each letter helps reinforce learning and understanding
  • Two views of the Arabic alphabet – a spinning wheel or a chart – for your ease of use
  • Fun graphics and illustrations keeps the app fun, interesting and entertaining

Note: This app was created for children aged 5 and under in mind.

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