AppyKids Toy Box launches new Memory Games for your child to play!

Memory is a key cornerstone of our lives, we are who we are because we can remember. From birth, our children's ability to remember is an important part of their cognitive growth.
Match Game Levels

In the AppyKids Toy Box, your child can play The Memory Game, also known as Matching Pairs, this game encourages your children to use their memory skills. Children learn how to retrieve information in a relaxed setting while developing patience and perseverance. Not only is this activity said to contribute to young children’s cognitive development, but according to Unicef, it helps develop their ability to recognize similarities and differences, categories and logic.

AppyKids Toy Box Memory Game

You can choose to start the game at 3 different levels – 2 cards, 8 cards or 12 cards, the number of cards will then increase incrementally as your child completes each game, increasing up to 24 cards, now that’s perseverance!

In our last update, we added a new personalisation feature to our memory game. You can now use images from your own photo library to use within the game, this opens up new learning opportunities. For example, you can take pictures of your family, your child’s favourite animals or superheroes, colours or shapes, and use these in the memory game.

For older children, you can support their learning whilst expanding their memory. For example, if your child is learning about the solar system in school, you can create a special matching game using images of pictures you have taken with your device. Take pictures of the planets and star systems, create the memory game and as your child plays the game it allows them to demonstrate their knowledge in this specialised area of interest, naming and matching the different planets. You can do this for different animal breeds, plants, the human anatomy, the opportunities to learn are endless!

Download Planet Images
Images courtesy Wikimedia Commons

By playing this game your child is using their developing memory, utilising their ability to store, organise and retrieve information and recall information.

Download the AppyKids Toy Box, it’s one great app of games!

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