Baby you can drive my (AR) car!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great way to develop your child's creativity and spark imagination. Drive the AppyKids AR Game today.
Preschool iPad app of Games for Kids AppyKids ToyBox AR Car Screenshot
Preschool iPad app of Games for Kids AppyKids ToyBox AR Car Screenshot

By 4 years old, your child’s pretend play is firing on all cylinders, creating make-believe scenarios, lots of character acting and having loads of fun.

So how can digital games contribute to your child’s developing creative skills? One of the best ways is through Augmented Reality (AR), using your iPhone/iPad’s camera to superimpose digital images and animations onto the real world.

In the latest update of our AppyKids Toy Box, we have launched a new AR Drive game. Your child can choose to be a truck, bus or car driver,  like Mummy or Daddy on the school run!

Open up the game and choose which vehicle your child wants, find a flat surface and your vehicle will appear, superimposed onto the real world. You can control it from the screen, the green arrow for moving forward and the red for reverse.  Turning left and right is easy, your child will be in control this as they move forward by turning the device left or right, a little like a steering wheel.

AppyKids ToyBox AR Drive StartUp

Learning to drive with our AR Drive game is so much fun, but please remember to drive carefully! As your children become involved in the game they may forget their surroundings, so please ensure a responsible adult is present when the kids are playing.So make your next walk in the park or trip to the supermarket a great imaginary road trip.

Download the AppyKids Toy Box today, it’s one great app of games!

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