Blender Bender (Number Bonds)

Flashcard games to play at home. This game gets children excited about learning addition!

For this game, you will need at least 3 large pieces of paper with numbers on them. (For example ‘5’, ’10’, ’20’.)
Make two sets. One for you and one to play with.

  1. Place these sheets in different parts of the room.
    When your child is ready, show them a number from your set, but don’t say it. For example “5”
    Your child has to find the number in the room, and then think of at least 2 bonds that make up that number (For example: “5” is made from “1 and 4” and “2 and 3”)
    You can even use a timer to increase the excitement.
    If they can’t think of 2 bonds before the time is up, let them move on to the next number and repeat the process.
    Try and keep tabs on the number of bonds they come up with and review it once the game is finished. Take this opportunity to teach new bonds for every number.

Be warned! Your kids might want to play this game again and again and again!

This flashcard game works best if followed by games on the Play School app.