Yappy’s Joyful Numbers: Counting the Little Things with Appy Numbers

Step into the vibrant world of Appy Numbers with Yappy as she finds happiness in everyday things. From ‘One chocolate ice cream cone’ to ‘Twenty kisses before bed’, join Yappy in counting the moments that bring immense joy.

Numbers are all around us, and they play a significant role in our daily lives. In ‘Yappy’s Joyful Numbers’, we journey with Yappy, an exuberant child from the Appy Numbers universe, as she finds delight in the simplest of things. Each numeral unravels a heartwarming story of happiness, showcasing the magic that lies in counting our blessings. Whether you’re looking to introduce your child to the world of numbers or seeking a tale of gratitude and joy, this ebook promises to be a delightful read.

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