The Whale at the Why-Dol

Join Zee, Karim, and Farah as they embark on an underwater adventure to discover the mystery behind a fountain-like wave. What they find is a humpback whale with a unique talent and a dream. Can they help the whale win the WHY-DOL, a talent competition unlike any other? Dive in to find out!

Welcome to another exciting installment of “The Adventures of Zee!” This time, Zee and her friends Karim and Farah are back with their trusty submarine, Caramella, for an underwater escapade that’s full of surprises. When a mysterious fountain-like wave catches their attention, they can’t resist investigating. What they discover is a humpback whale with a Jamaican accent and a passion for singing. But there’s a catch—the whale needs to win the WHY-DOL, a talent competition for whales, to prove his musical prowess. Will Zee and her friends be able to help the whale find his true voice and win the competition? Get ready for a story filled with friendship, adventure, and a whole lot of underwater fun!

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