App Updates

Boppy Beetle: Play School v1.2 App Update

With brand new levels in every section of the app, children will learn, play and have a ton of fun while doing so!

The Appykids Play School app uses the “present-practice-produce” methodology. Children are first presented a concept. They are then taken into a safe environment to practice and finally, they put their new learning to the test in our “play” section.

Every month, our app updates serve to challenge children’s understanding of the key preschool subjects, just a little further. They’re presented with new concepts through new stories and songs. And this month, “Boppy Beetle” update is no exception.

Alphabet Park – 5 Brand New Levels!

Our first alphabet game, Starter Sounds, features 5 brand new levels! Children can solidify those phonetic concepts and learn new words through the fun stories and games in this section!

Number Mountain – Counting in 3s!

Kids can put those addition skills to the test with a new level in our Adding Numbers game. This month, they learn how to add to 15. We’ve even included a neat “tricky” song to help them! Our Pattern Puzzle game also features a new level – counting in 3s!

Shape Shire – Simple Shapes, Complex Objects!

By popular demand, there’s more complex shapes to build in our Shape it Up game! Kids can learn how to build complex objects using simple shapes!

Colour Corner – What’s that Colour?

This month marks the debut of a brand new game, “What’s that Colour?” in our Colour Corner.  Children are encouraged to stretch those problem solving skills, by figuring out which colour comes next in the sequence.

And finally”¦

In our free play “My Home” section, we have added a fun puzzle game that will keep your child entertained and engaged. Keep on building the scene with the pieces, from under the ocean to outer space!