Even if you don’t always admit it, your sibling rocks your world!

They may wrestle you to the ground and finish all the leftover cake in the fridge, but at the end of the day, you know there's no one who could take the place of your brothers and sisters.

AppyKids reminds you why your siblings are important and why they are like no other!

A sibling is…

  1. someone to get into scrapes with
  2. someone to fight with
  3. someone to make a mess in the kitchen with
  4. your first confidante
  5. someone who makes fun of you but accepts your idiosyncrasies
  6. someone who laughs with you
  7. someone who comforts you when your parents are mad at you
  8. your homework buddy
  9. someone who understands the family matters that friends won’t
  10.  someone who is a constant connection to the good ol’ days
  11.  someone to help with household chores and family rituals
  12.  your first rival
  13.  someone who cries with you
  14.  someone who will stand up to your bullies
  15.  your companion in summer holiday adventures
  16.  someone to share your midnight snacks with
  17.  someone who can give you unexpectedly good advice
  18.  someone who will be there for you in the future

Yep, your siblings are important  so next time you have an argument, make sure to also throw in a big bear hug!


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