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Jumping Jacks, also know as Star Jumps, are an aerobic exercise.  It’s snappy’s favourite and great to incorporate into your exercise routine, not too difficult to master, fun and you need no equipment other than a good pair of sports shoes.  

So, what are the health benefits of Jumping Jacks? 

A full body workout

Jumping Jacks work so well for warm-ups and cardio as they give a dynamic full-body workout, increasing your body temperature and aerobic capacity, which is also great for toning and weight loss.

Build muscle strength

Especially in the muscles engaged in the jump – calves, hip abductors and adductors, shoulder abductors and adductors and your core muscles, abs and lower back.

Improve bone strength

Jumping Jacks are a form of bodyweight exercise, which makes them great for your bones, stimulating your bones to become stronger and denser, helping to prevent loss of bone mass.  But, if you already have weak bones, jumping jacks may not be ideal for you.

Cardiovascular benefits

Aerobic exercise brings cardiovascular benefits by lowering blood pressure and lipid levels, Jumping Jacks can chip in with this.

Jumping Jacks are your friend, catering to all fitness abilities and easy to do, so incorporate them into your cardio and aerobic routines today!

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