Flashcard Games – Say It! Starter Sounds

This game aims at promoting memory, quick thinking and vocabulary building skills.

A fun game which can be played at school or at home.

For this game, you will need 5 flashcards, a box or tray and a cloth to cover it with.

  1. Place 5 alphabet flashcards in a box or tray and cover it with a piece of cloth.
  2. Ask your students to stand in a circle.
  3. Give the covered box or tray to one of the students.
  4. Play music on your device.
  5. Then ask your students to pass the box or covered tray around till the music stops.
  6. When the music stops, the student holding the box must take out a card and call out a word that starts with the chosen letter. (For example, “˜A’ for “˜Apple’)
  7. The student standing next will remember the first word and then say a word of their own starting with the same letter. (For example, “˜Apple’, “˜Ant’)
  8. The next student follows the same procedure (For example, “˜Apple’, “˜Ant’, “˜Aeroplane’)
  9. This continues till the entire class has had a turn coming up with a new word.
  10. Students are encouraged not to repeat words. If they cannot think of another word, they can consult the teacher.
  11. Once every student has had a turn, switch on the music and continue the game.