I Was Fed Up With Children’s Toys So I Did This!

Today the way children learn is rapidly changing and being a parent to two little kids, aged 5 & 3, I'm constantly trying to keep up to find the latest toys, books and tools to make sure that they learn well.

I spend a lot of time in toy stores, looking for fun but educational toys and all I see is branded toys, action toys, some educational toys and more action toys!

I feel that my children are being short changed, they are smart and inquisitive with a beautiful appetite to learn. This is why my husband and I decided to create the AppyKids Play School Smart Kit, a play based app and toy that offers a fun learning experience for children.

I hear your concerns about screen time, which is why we have worked hard to make sure that it’s meaningful. We’ve crafted a unique learning methodology that uses story and play to take a child through the different stages of learning.

Here’s what Michael Pazinas, an Apple Distinguished Educator who works with us to create our content said about the learning methodology;

“Each step within the journey is carefully crafted so that a child progresses incrementally from sounds to letters, letters to words and words to sentences. They do this through listening to original story based songs, practising in a safe environment through play and then finally producing language through intuitive interaction.”

Now see the methodology in action here.

We are on a mission to create Smart Fun for Everyone, it started back in 2013 with our very first app, Alfie, Haathi & the Magic Bioscope, since then we have launched 15 apps and a successful YouTube Channel,  and we now understand the need to bridge the gap between physical and digital learning.

Our children are digital native, this is a fact that we can’t ignore, it is our job as parents to ensure that how our children are using technology, what they are viewing and the content they are consuming, is suitable and beneficial to their overall learning journey and, for now, the choice is in our hands.

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