Learning Through Geometric Shapes

Appy Kids delves into the many ways that geometry affects our development and everyday lives.

You may have heard your older students say to you in the past “When are we ever going to use geometry in the real world? As you know, geometry is used around you on a daily basis; here’s where to look for it.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures and the properties of space. Geometry is essential to the work of an architect or an engineer, however, it is also used extensively in a more every day manner. If you want to install carpeting in your living room, you use geometry to calculate how much carpet you need. If you are painting the walls of your bedroom, geometric equations are used to assess how many cans of paint you need to cover the walls.

Triangles, squares and circles, learning these geometric shapes is the beginning to understanding how the world is put together. Geometry is not always obviously evident to us, but be assured, it is incorporated into every part of our lives.

AppyKids has a number products where we have integrated geometric shapes into our learning content.

In the AppyKids Play School app there is a whole section dedicated to shapes, the ‘Shape Shire’

Children are encouraged to develop spatial awareness through our Shape Games. They learn incrementally, gathering concepts and building upon them as they play each successive game.

In the Shape Shire children learn to:

  • Identify basic geometric shapes
  • Problem solve through pattern recognition
  • Create and build complex shapes from simpler shapes
  • Develop critical thinking.

Alfie’s Alphabet was created to teach children ages 5 and under the English and Hindi alphabet and first words. The illustrations in this app are designed using basic shapes and are a fun way for you to teach your small children about beginner geometrical concepts such as shape and size.