Loved Beyond Measure! Track and Save your Child’s Height using Augmented Reality!

Use the AppyKids Toy Box augmented reality measuring tool to track your child's height. Save these memories forever and access them no matter where you are.
AppyKids ToyBox iPhone 7+ Screenshot

One of the great traditions of parenting is to track your child’s height. Traditionally a door frame or wall is chosen and each child’s height is marked every year.

But, in today’s world, families move homes more often and we are inclined to decorate, a lot, thank you Pinterest! So, if you move, you have lost your cherished heights record or, if you are remodelling, you have to choose between nostalgia and a new coat of paint.

AppyKids can help with this dilemma. In the AppyKids Toy Box, we have a solution, our super accurate AR height measuring tool tracks your children as they grow.

Take a pic, save it to your camera roll or share it with your friends, and be safe in the knowledge that these precious memories will never be lost.

Download the AppyKids Toy Box, it’s one great app of games!

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