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Make a wishing jar with clappy.

Each time you wish you could go to your favourite playground, go see your best friend who stays far or maybe have a yummy pizza or whatever heart desires at that moment, why not write it down on a piece of paper and pop it into your own appy wishing jar?

Creating your appy wishing jar is something that everyone can enjoy. So lets get making our very own appy wishing jar.

Materials required are a jar, paper, drawing pencil, colours of your choice, scissor, glue and small decorations like glitters, ribbons if required.

Step 1. Measure the jar without the lid and draw a line horizontally. If the jar lid has wide side then take that measurement as well. Also trace out the lid.

Step 2. Once measured draw the eyes and mouth of any appy of your choice. On the lid top layer, draw the ears and hair, and a separate layer for the hand and message placard.

Step 3. Darken the outline with a black marker.

Step 4. Colour them based on your favourite appy. Use any colour like crayons, brush pens, water colours etc.

Step 5. Once all the parts are coloured cut them into separate pieces.

Step 6. Glue the pieces on the jar, the main face around the jar, the ears on top of the lid and the side strip around the lid.

Step 7. Lastly glue the hand with message placard where we see the arm.

And your appy wishing jar is ready.

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