Make a Word Alphabet Game

The consonant – vowel – consonant game! If your child is showing a keen interest in identifying alphabets and has mastered the phonics, chances are they’re starting to learn to build words in school.

“Make a word” is a great game for children to play. The Play School app Sound Explorer level, was built incrementally so that children use their knowledge of vowels and consonants and are blending them together in increasing degrees of complexity to make words.

Derived from Cambridge University’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) in their Starter, Movers and Flyers Certification Programme, each word group in this game has a mixture of initial, vowel and final sounds depending on the focus of the stage. Word building as a skill is imparted gradually through the 6 stages of the game.

The first game within this level focuses on initial sound recognition.

The second game within this level focuses on vowel sound recognition.

The third game focuses on final sound recognition.

The fourth game focuses on Consonant-Vowel Combination

The fifth game focuses on Vowel-Consonant Combination

The sixth game focuses on Consonant – Vowel – Consonant

The story at the beginning of each game invites the child to get involved with the lesson. The practice part allows them to test their understanding in a safe area and then they’re ready for gameplay. Follow up app play with a game that features only our flash cards.

You can play the Sound Explorer level on our Play School App.

For revision, we have created a follow up physical game, Musical Medials, which helps children build words based on their understanding of phonics. The game uses flashcards and music, you can use the AppyKids flashcards or any box of flashcards to play.