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Make your favourite paper craft appy

Want to make your own favourite appy. Its simple,Download the templates in this article to make your own Appy.

Step 1. Download and print any Appy, it can be Happy, Mappy or sleepy head Nappy. You can even download a colour your own appy to make a more personalised appy. Please see the instructions to make the appy.

Step 2. Carefully cut out the pieces outlined on the printed sheet using a sharp craft scissor. You might want to get help from an adult with pieces that are hard to cut. You should have cut all of the pieces shown in the picture below.

Step 3. Take the piece with the body of the appy, and fold along its edges as shown in the picture below.

Step 4. Apply glue on the folded edges, and let it dry till the appy stands firmly on the surface.

Step 5. Now glue the othe parts just as seen in the picture below.

Congratulations! You made your very own Appy. You can make all the appies and create your own appy story.

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