Who is Zee?

Zee is an outgoing and energetic 6 year old Arab girl, with a toothy grin and sparkly eyes. She is fearless, adventurous, and has an incessant desire to learn. Inspired by the great explorer Ibn Battuta, Zee is keen on travelling and knowing more about different people and cultures.

When you consider how wildly imaginative she is, it’s easy to see why she is in awe with the wondrous world around her. For the same reasons though, Zee can get bored with a mundane chore that inhibits discovery and magical possibilities. There is always room for daydreaming in such instances, though. Zee is a smart girl and she always finds a way to do or dream.


Meet the Cast of 'The Adventures of Zee'

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Zee's Apps

Learn more about out Zee’s award winning apps for kids available on the App Store.

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