Meet The Appies

The Appies spend their days making toys and conjuring up fun experiences for children. From shows, to songs, to games and activities, the Appys spend their time thinking up new ways to make children h-appy! And as they go about their daily lives, they learn and play, sing and dance, and love being just a little bit crazy!


The resident superhero, when you're in trouble - call SUPER H-appy. His mission: To turn the worlds frown upside down! He's always helpful - sometimes even when he doesn't have to be. He loves trouble and often creates it himself!


Mappy is Music. She speaks in rhyme, and waltzes instead of walking. A wonderful teacher, she loves little children, but she's also a wee bit forgetful.


A Wizard-in-training, Z-appy has the power to transform anything to anything. He waves his magic want and zap - magic happens - not always the right kind but hey, he's learning!


Do you hear a distant chatter? Someone talking at a million miles a minute? And hasn’t stopped to take a breath? That's Y-appy. Unbeaten at argument, she's studying to be a lawyer.


He’s the cheerleader you want on your team. Always upbeat and encouraging, Cl-appy is always cheering you on, pushing you to do your best! Sometimes, however, he cheers for the wrong team, making everyone a bit annoyed.

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