Play School App Update – Harmonious Happy Update V1.8

It's time for some Rhythm and Melody. Rhythm & Melody...Our new update Harmonious Happy is focused on music. We have an amazing new musical toy in our toybox that will keep your kids entertained for hours!
App Update Harmonious Happy
screenshot beats by appies

Beats by Appies

Your childs own Appies band! A fun new toy that lets your child create music with the Appies in fun and exciting ways. Watch them understand and learn different instruments and layer loops and create their own music masterpiece. Recommended age group 2 – 99 ?

screenshot music puzzle

New Puzzle in the Toybox

Continuing on our musical theme its time to get the Appies band together.

Whale at the Whydol

New book in the Story House

Join Zee and the gang as they help the friendly whale win the Why-dol music compeition *Internet connection required

Whats New Sandbox Blurb

For Parents – AppyKids Sandbox

Check out our newly relaunched website and the AppyKids Sandbox where you can discover lots of Appy content. There are fun worksheets, colouring books, videos, tutorials and more, to help you support your child’s learning journey at home and in school.

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