Primary Colours – Red, Yellow & Blue!

The ability to link visuals to a colour forms a critical cognitive bond. Colour Game 1.

Learning colours lays the foundation for abstract thought and is thus considered an important cognitive milestone for children and is often part of the screening for developmental and educational admittance.

The ability to link visuals to a Colour forms a critical cognitive bond. It enables preschoolers to make distinctions between things in the real world and it is the link between colours and real life objects that AppyKids uses to cognitively secure colour concepts.

The AppyKids Play School encourages Colour learning through a series of Games using a Presentation, Practice, Play (PPP) approach. Initially, it presents information to children, allows them to practice using that information is a safe environment where they can make mistakes and then assesses their knowledge in the play stage to evaluate retention.

As with the phonics games in the App, children are essentially learning language and identification at beginner levels which makes PPP ideal at this stage.

It starts with the Primary Colours – Red, Blue and Yellow but then allows children to discover through inquiry what happens when you start mixing those colours; a more constructivist approach. This leads them on to find out about secondary colours; a systematic method which sustains real-life learning.

As with all our games, this one starts with a small story and song about the primary colours. Students are then asked to practice matching a card with the Colour shown on the screen and when they’re ready, they’re asked to play a game that puts their new found knowledge to the test.

You can also follow app play with a physical “Turnover” – a flashcard game, which helps children to correctly identify colours.