Secondary Colours – Green, Orange and Purple!

Learning Colours, this game helps to reinforce the basic idea of the Colour Wheel. Colour Game 3.

Learning colours lays the foundation for abstract thought and is considered an important cognitive milestone for children. It is often part of the screening for developmental and educational admittance for schools.

In our Play School App, this game serves to supplement lessons on the Colour Wheel, focussing on the secondary colours Green, Orange and Purple.

The AppyKids Play School app encourages colour learning through a series of games.  As with all our games, this one starts with a small story and song about the secondary colours. Children are then asked to practice matching the colour with the colour prompted, after they master this, and when they are ready to play, they go up against the Appy timer to match the colours as fast as they can and earn their Colour Expert badge.

Follow app play with “Turnovers” a Colour flashcard game that teaches kids about primary and secondary colours!