Start With ABCs

Teaching alphabets in a whole new way! Using the Play School app at home is a great way of complementing learning in the classroom.

For the best learning outcomes, follow the present sequence that the Play School app follows. In the alphabet section, for example, ask your child to start with the first game, “Starter Sounds”.

To familiarise children with the sounds of all the alphabets, we’ve broken them into sets. This allows the child to focus on the form and sounds of a small group of alphabets before moving on to the next group.

The sets are defined based on letters that sound similar to each other. For example. “p” and “b”, “c” and “k”, “d” and “t” and also the way they’re written. For example. “m” and “w” are in the same set as are “b” and “p” and “s” and “z”. The vowels which act as a foundation for word building are in a set by themselves.

The “Learn your ABCs – Starter Sounds” is broken up into six sets, beginning with the vowels.

The Ollie the Octopus game will help you get started. Once done with the vowels, children can progress through all the sets of the alphabets.

The story at the beginning of each set invites the child to get involved with the lesson. The practice part allows them to test their understanding in a safe area and then they’re ready for gameplay. Follow up app play with a game that features only our flash cards.

Play “Pick a card” with your children at home and make learning letters, fun!


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