Tic Tac Toe (Number Bonds)

Flashcard games to play at home. This game is great for developing mental math and quick thinking skills.

For this game you will need a black or white board and your number flashcards.

  1. Start by drawing a large TIC TAC TOE grid on the board and in each cell, write either a 5, a 10 or a 15
  2. Divide the class into two teams. One is the ‘X’ team and the other the ‘O’ team
  3. A child from the first team must choose a cell and say the number in the cell. (Example: 10)
  4. He must then identify two numbers that add up to the number in the cell (Example: 5+5)
  5. A child from the second team then chooses another cell and the game continues.
  6. Correct answers turn into a X or a O, depending on who gives the right answer!

First team to get 3 in a row in any direction, is the winner!

This classroom game works best if playing with the Play School app.