Understanding Pedagogy: The Science Behind Effective Teaching

Dive deep into the world of pedagogy, the science and art of teaching. Learn how this foundational principle shapes effective learning, influences teaching methodologies, and plays a pivotal role in educational outcomes.

You may have heard about Pedagogy from your child’s teacher or read about it in your research to discover the best practices which will enable your child to learn better.

Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory of education, the study and practice of how best to teach, in effect, The Art of Teaching!

Pedagogical theory occupies the time of our distinguished education technologist, Michael Pazinas, who works very closely with us as we develop the learning methodology and content for the AppyKids Play School App.

We asked Michael for his opinion about our Smart Kit and here’s what he had to say,

“There is something that is profoundly obvious with AppyKids, how they listen intently to educators, absorbing pedagogical theory concerning language learning and understanding phonic sequencing to develop an app that is more about a journey of learning then simply chanting ABC’s”

At AppyKids we aim to contribute to The Art of Teaching and help make early years learning fun.

Discover the AppyKids Play School Smart Kit.

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