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Welcome to Appy Adventures, your one-stop destination for thematic, play-based learning experiences. Each month, we curate an ‘Adventure’ that combines Math, Science, Art, Language, Music, and Videos to offer a holistic educational journey for your child.

January 2024

“Discover the magic of art with AppyKids’ ‘Wonderful World of Art.’ Dive into ‘Tappy’s Artsy Adventure,’ explore global art, and get creative with interactive activities and games. Art, learning, and fun await in every click!

December 2023

Embark on a magical excursion with the Appies in their Winter Wonderland Adventure! The Appies are all set to discover the enchanting land of sparkling snow and glistening ice. Together, they’ll uncover the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season and learn about the joy of friendship.

November 2023

Space Explorers

Join the Appies as they blast off on an interstellar journey! They’re off to explore the twinkling planets, navigate through the starry Milky Way, and meet cheerful aliens who share the joyful secrets of friendship. Get ready for an exciting space odyssey where fun and learning go hand in hand!

October 2023

The Animal Kingdom

Embark on a journey through the Animal Kingdom! Learn about fascinating creatures, their habitats, and much more through interactive games, stories, and videos.

What's Inside an Adventure?

Step into a treasure trove of curated experiences designed to ignite your child’s imagination and thirst for knowledge. Each Adventure is a unique blend of six enriching activities that promise not just learning, but a journey your child will cherish. Here’s what you can expect:


Visual learning comes alive with our Video Content. From animated adventures to real-world explorations, we ensure your child is not just entertained but also educated for life.


Unleash the artist within! Our Printables and Craftables are more than just fun; they're a canvas for creativity and a workshop for little hands and big imaginations.


Learning is most effective when it's fun. Our Online Games and Apps are designed to be educational playgrounds that make complex concepts simple and enjoyable for a lifetime.


Get ready to tap your feet and hum along! Our Music Videos are catchy, educational tunes that make learning as easy as singing your ABCs, and as memorable as your first song.


Dive into the magical world of storytelling with our Ebook Illustrated Stories. Crafted to engage young minds, these tales are not just stories but lessons that stay for life.


From step-by-step tutorials to in-depth educational content, our Learning section is a virtual classroom offering a wide range of Academic Content and Tutorials for young, eager minds.

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Welcome to the AppyKids Sandbox where you can discover lots of Appy content. There are fun worksheets, colouring books, videos, tutorials and more, to help you support your child’s learning journey at home and in school.

Holistic Learning

A balanced blend of academics and creativity.

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Fun and educational for the whole family.

Quality Content

Created by educators and experts.

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