AppyKids Apps: Where Every Tap is a Step in a Learning Adventure!

Welcome to the magical world of AppyKids Apps! From interactive storybooks to educational games, our apps are more than just screen time—they’re a gateway to knowledge and fun. Designed for kids aged 4 to 9, each app is a chapter in an ongoing ‘Adventure’ that makes learning feel like play. Tap, swipe, and giggle your way through a universe of discovery!

Award-winning Apps for Kids

Our fun Digital Toy Box takes the best parts of our apps, from music to colours, stickers and puzzles, and places them in one great app of games.
Learn language, numbers, colours, shapes, music, art and a whole lot more through story, gameplay and hours of fun!
Express yourself Appily with the Appies Sticker pack. Meet the Appies that come to life for your iMessage app.
Arabic Made Easy as A-B-C!
Learn to write the Arabic alphabet with Zee in this award winning Apple App of the Year!
This fun and educational Arabic/English game is geared towards older children, ages 5 and above, who are learning how to read, write and spell words in Arabic.
A world in your wardrobe. A fun, educational and interactive app that introduces your child to the cultures through fashion.
Learn your ABCs in this award winning app with Alfie & Haathi
Welcome to Appy Oceans - a Hindi and English app created to make it fun and engaging to discover the ocean while learning how to count from 1 to 10!
Get your kids learning Hindi/English with Appy Animals - an interactive, educational language app that your child will love.
Discover the animal kingdom with Alfie & Haathi in this beautiful interactive storybook.
Alfie and Haathi are building sandcastles on the beach when the magic bioscope whisks them off to their next adventure.

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