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Step into the playful world of AppyKids Games, where learning meets fun! Our collection of desktop games for kids employs a play-based approach to teach valuable skills and content. From puzzles to adventures, our interactive games are designed to captivate and educate young gamers. Press ‘play’ for a learning experience like no other!

Latest Games

Discover the thrill of 'Artists Unscrambled: Word Search', a captivating game that blends the challenge of word searches with the excitement of uncovering names of the world's most renowned painters. Perfect for art enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike!
Enjoy the holiday spirit with our Christmas word search puzzles. Find words like Snowflake, Stocking, Gingerbread and more in this entertaining and challenging game.
Enjoy the holiday spirit with our Christmas word search puzzles. Find words like reindeer, Santa, elf, presents, sleigh, tinsel, and tree in this entertaining and challenging game.
A Christmas Puzzle Interactive Desktop Game is an exciting and engaging game where players can immerse themselves in a festive scene while solving puzzles. Complete this fun Christmas puzzle and enjoy the holiday spirit!
Embark on a stellar journey with "Ready, Steady, Rocket!" - an engaging desktop game where kids aged 4-7 navigate through space, dodge asteroids, and collect stars. Through this cosmic adventure, young astronauts learn about outer space in a fun and interactive way. Unleash the explorer in your child and make learning a blast!
Step into the vast cosmos and discover the planets of our solar system in an interactive way! Play the Planets Matching Game for kids, designed as an engaging memory challenge filled with astronomical wonders. Perfect for curious young minds eager to explore space.
Venture into the vast expanse of space and test your knowledge of our neighboring planets. From the red landscapes of Mars to the mighty storms of Jupiter, the "Galactic Quest Word Search" promises both challenge and discovery for stargazers and puzzle lovers alike.
Are you a fan of the majestic elephant or the elusive tiger? Perhaps the hopping kangaroo or the stealthy crocodile? Whichever creature fascinates you, our Wildlife Wonders word search offers a chance to immerse yourself in the captivating world of animals while challenging your puzzle-solving skills.
Embark on a captivating journey beneath the waves with our Marine Marvels Word Search Game. Discover and learn about diverse sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, and jellyfish, as you challenge your mind with this engaging puzzle.
Embark on a delightful journey beneath the waves! Snap pictures of playful dolphins as they dart around. Perfect for young photographers and budding adventurers.
Calling all birdwatchers and puzzle lovers! Dive deep into our intricately designed word search game dedicated to the world's most celebrated birds. With species ranging from the dainty sparrow to the vibrant flamingo, our puzzle promises endless fun and a chance to boost your bird knowledge.
Unlock your musical potential with Froggy Piano! Learn to play popular songs effortlessly as you follow the dots on our frog's piano-key teeth. A fun and innovative way to master the piano!

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