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Dive into a vibrant musical celebration of art! 🎨🎵 Join us on a whirlwind journey through the imaginative worlds of Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, and Dalí. Experience a symphony of colors and shapes as we pay homage to these legendary artists. 'Art's a Blast' is not just a song, but a visual and auditory feast that brings the spirit of art to life. Don't miss this unique blend of music, art, and creativity!
Join AppyKids on a vibrant journey into Pablo Picasso's world in 'Wonderful World of Art: Artist Spotlight: Picasso!' Perfect for kids aged 3-6, our engaging video brings to life the whimsical paintings and playful colors of Picasso, fostering creativity and introducing young minds to the joys of art and imagination.
Join Tappy in a spellbinding AppyKids cartoon as he teams up with artist Vincent Van Goppy for a magical journey through famous artworks. Watch as they unravel the mystery behind a magical paintbrush and a unique Starry Night painting. Perfect for young art enthusiasts and adventure seekers!
Our main Christmas special features a fumbling zappy who accidentally makes Santa disappear. Join the Appies on their adventure to find Santa, deliver the gifts, and save Christmas. Experience zappy magical mayhem in this exciting episode!
Dive into the holiday spirit with Rappy's Hip Hop Christmas Rap! Join our cheerful character Rappy in his studio, adorned with festive vibes, as he delivers a rhythm-filled Christmas adventure. Watch as Rappy wraps gifts, dances around the Christmas tree, and spreads Appy cheer with jolly moves and a catchy beat. It's a merry blend of hip-hop fun and yuletide joy, perfect for kids and families!
Explore Diwali, Hanami, Carnival, Thanksgiving and the Chinese New Year in this Appy Roundup of Festivals from across the globe.
Cook along with Zappy as he prepares quick and easy Christmas recipes for kids in his blog post titled "Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids by Zappy!" These recipes are perfect for family activities before the festive season, and are sure to be loved by Santa's reindeer, the elves, and the Appies! Enjoy a feast at Appylonia's Christmas Feast with these delicious dishes.
The song "All We Have Is Space" invites young minds to a celestial concert, where every note echoes the beauty and mystery of the universe, and every lyric resonates with the sweet nostalgia of companionship. As our animated adventurers float amid the stars, they muse on the precious memories with friends and the endearing gestures of love that keep them close at heart, despite the vast distances. It's a melodious voyage that celebrates the boundless curiosity of young minds and the priceless value of friendship.
Join Nappy and Super Happy in a space adventure filled with laughter, surprises, and good old Appylonia fun! As Nappy's curiosity takes him on a sleepwalk across the galaxy, Super Happy dashes through space to keep him on course. Meet the quirky aliens of Planet Nap, explore colorful planets, and dive into the fun and friendship that makes every Appies adventure a blast. Subscribe now and join the Appylonia crew for a journey filled with giggles, grins, and galactic good times!
Join Super Happy, Sappy, and the rest of the Appy crew as they embark on a whimsical adventure to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom. From singing and dancing to solving the mystery of the animal kingdom's 'castle,' this video is packed with fun, facts, and a whole lot of Appy magic!
Do you recall the age-old tale of the Tortoise and the Hare? Of course, you do! But imagine this legendary story reimagined for today's world. Dive into our newest book set in the enchanting realm of Appylonia — a place where creatures aren't just defined by their speed, but also their tech-savviness. Journey with the Tortoise and the Hare as they tackle a race brimming with apps, streaming marathons, and the distractions of our modern era
Experience the magic of the zoo with a twist! Rappy and Mappy bring a rhythmic journey for kids, mixing fun animal encounters with catchy rap beats. Dive into this animated rap adventure today!

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