Rappy’s Hip Hop Christmas: A Festive Beat in Santa’s Street!

Dive into the holiday spirit with Rappy's Hip Hop Christmas Rap! Join our cheerful character Rappy in his studio, adorned with festive vibes, as he delivers a rhythm-filled Christmas adventure. Watch as Rappy wraps gifts, dances around the Christmas tree, and spreads Appy cheer with jolly moves and a catchy beat. It's a merry blend of hip-hop fun and yuletide joy, perfect for kids and families!

Welcome to Rappy’s Studio, where the Christmas spirit gets a hip-hop twist! In ‘Rappy’s Hip Hop Christmas Rap,’ our beloved character Rappy takes you on a festive journey through the sounds and sights of the holiday season. With Santa grooving and reindeer stepping up, Rappy wraps presents and dances around the tree, infusing the air with AppyKids’ magic and merriment. Get ready for an animated music experience that brings the joy of Christmas to life with a catchy beat that kids will love!

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