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Award-winning Books for Kids

Embark on an extraordinary journey in 'Tappy's Enchanted Art Quest: A Rhyming Tale for Children.' This captivating story blends magic, art, and friendship, leading young readers through a world where paintings come alive. Ideal for young art lovers and budding readers, this tale weaves a narrative of imagination, discovery, and the enchanting power of creativity.
Join Nappy, the adventurous Appy, on an unexpected journey across the cosmos in "Nappy's Galactic Nap." When a space mission turns into a snooze cruise, Nappy discovers that the universe is full of friends in surprising shapes and sizes. This delightful bedtime tale will have young readers exploring the wonders of friendship and diversity, all while drifting into dreamland.
Join Hoppy the Astronaut on a rhyming journey across the cosmos! From the familiar spirals of the Milky Way to the glowing quasars and starburst galaxies, "Hoppy's Cosmic Quest" is an enchanting space adventure that introduces young readers to the vastness and variety of the universe. Perfect for young space enthusiasts and future astronomers, this eBook will spark imaginations and maybe even a love for astronomy.
Embark on a starry bedtime journey with Zee and friends in this enchanting eBook adaptation from "The Adventures of Zee: Spaced Out Scientist." Dive into a universe of rhyme and wonder as the trio meets a space-traveling scientist on Mars, sharing laughs and learning about the gravity of friendship and the universe. A perfect tale to inspire dreams of galaxies far away and the excitement of cosmic discovery.
Blast off on an epic rhyming journey through the cosmos with "The Cosmic Chase: #FindingNappy"! Follow the star-bound escapades of Nappy as he traverses the galaxy in search of the perfect place to rest. Will the swirling storms of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, or the distant blue of Neptune hold the key to his slumber? Join the quest across celestial bodies as Nappy discovers the wonders of space while chasing down dreams among the stars.
Embark on an enchanting journey to the heart of Africa with Zee, Kareem, and Farah. Join them as they uncover a silent lion's sweet dilemma and rally to restore his mighty roar. A delightful narrative blending humor, heart, and an important lesson about making healthy choices.
Join Antsy, Grassy, and the Appies in a delightful tale that teaches the importance of preparation and hard work. Perfect for young readers, this modern twist on a classic fable is both entertaining and educational.
Embark on a magical, educational journey with 'The Adventures of Zee: The Tale of the Sweaty Penguin.' This children's rhyming book explores friendship, climate change, and teamwork through an exciting adventure to Antarctica. Ideal for kids aged 4-8.
Are you familiar with the timeless fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? Sure you are! But what if this classic story got a fresh, modern twist? Introducing our latest book set in the whimsical world of Appylonia — a universe where animals are not just fast or slow, but also incredibly savvy. Read on to discover how the Tortoise and the Hare navigate a race filled with apps, binge-watching, and other contemporary distractions.
Hey there, fellow adventurers and animal lovers! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a zoo with a soundtrack? To dance along with kangaroos, make music with koalas, and roar with lions? Well, wonder no more! We're thrilled to introduce you to the most exciting, musical, and downright 'Appy' zoo adventure you'll ever experience—'Rappy and Mappy Visit the Zoo.'
Join Stappy, the once-shy boy from Appylopolis, as he embarks on a delightful and whimsical journey through the alphabet. From 'A for Ant' to 'Z for Zebra', discover a world where every letter tells a captivating story.
Join Sammy the Starfish on a whimsical journey as he explores the world of shapes! From squares to circles, Sammy thinks he's every shape but his own. Can his family and friends help him remember that he's a starfish? Dive into this delightful tale for ages 2-4 and find out!

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