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Award-winning Books for Kids

Step into the vibrant world of Appy Numbers with Yappy as she finds happiness in everyday things. From 'One chocolate ice cream cone' to 'Twenty kisses before bed', join Yappy in counting the moments that bring immense joy.
Join Zee, Karim, and Farah as they embark on an underwater adventure to discover the mystery behind a fountain-like wave. What they find is a humpback whale with a unique talent and a dream. Can they help the whale win the WHY-DOL, a talent competition unlike any other? Dive in to find out!
Join Alfie and Haathi on a magical counting adventure under the sea! Whisked away by a magic bioscope, they explore the ocean depths, meet fascinating sea creatures, and learn to count from 1-10. Perfect for a birthday storytime!
Journey with Alfie and his best friend Haathi as they stumble upon a magic bioscope that transports them to a world filled with wonder. From deep forests to shimmering lakes, join them as they meet fascinating characters and embark on a quest to reunite.

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