AppyKids Activities: Tutorials, Printables and Creative Ideas for Kids

Unleash your child’s creativity with AppyKids’ Activities—a treasure trove of tutorials, printables, downloads, and more! From arts and crafts to coloring sheets and educational resources, we offer a wide array of activities designed to engage and educate young minds. Get started on a world of fun and learning today!

Latest Activities

Embark on a cosmic journey with Gappy's Alien Shape Sorting! Perfect for young learners, this printable activity invites kids to match shapes with friendly aliens, enhancing their recognition of basic geometric forms in a playful, interstellar setting.
Get ready to explore the solar system with Gappy! Download and print these sheets to help young ones color in the planets, making learning fun and engaging.
Join the interstellar party with Comet 67P's mysterious space tune, now remixed with electrifying beats for an out-of-this-world musical experience! Perfect for cosmic explorers of all ages, plug in your headphones and groove to the rhythm of the stars.
Dive into a universe of fun with Nappy's Space Puzzles! Our printable activity sheets offer a cosmic blend of mazes, word searches, planet colouring, and an alien-themed spot-the-difference challenge. Perfect for young astronauts aiming to boost their brainpower while having a stellar time!
Hey there, Appy Adventurers! 🌟 Are you ready for a colorful journey into the fascinating world of arthropods? We've got something special for you—a downloadable and printable Arthropods Colouring Sheet that's not just fun but educational too!
Stars, a cup of tea, an umbrella and a volcano! See how many pictures you can match with each letter in this fun free teaching resource. Download and print now to get started.
A watch, an X-ray, a Yo-yo, and a Zebra! See how many pictures you can match with each letter in this fun free teaching resource. Download and print now to get started.
Hey there, little explorers! Immerse yourself in the sensational world of S, T, U, and V with this fun free teaching resource. Match captivating pictures of stars, a cup of tea, an umbrella, and a volcano to each letter. Download and print now to embark on an alphabet adventure like no other. Let the matching magic begin!
Sappy is so used to velcro shoes, the old tying of shoelaces seems to be difficult now. However, teaching sappy and yourself to tie your own shoelaces, is a simple task and it will also improve your cognitive skills. Learn to tie your shoelaces with Sappy.
Ready to make a magical appy wishing jar, kids? Grab a jar, paper, colors, and some shiny decorations. Sketch a fun appy face on the lid, color it, and stick it on. Add ears, hands, and a message sign too. Once done, your jar's ready for your biggest wishes! Craft, wish, and watch the magic! 🌟🎨💌
Have you ever dreamed of ocean exploration? Dive into an underwater adventure with the Appies and their DIY Shark Submarine craft. Perfect for kids and families, this guide will show you how to create your very own submarine and shark!
Jump into a fun, healthy life with Jumping Jacks! Ever heard of Star Jumps? That's them! They're super cool exercises that kids love. All you need is your awesome sneakers. Why are they great? 🌟 They make your whole body move and groove. 🌟 They help make your muscles and bones strong. 🌟 They're good for your heart and keep you fit. And guess what? No matter how sporty you are, you can do them! So, kids, let's make Jumping Jacks our fun fitness buddy! 🌈👟🤸‍♂️