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Unleash your child’s creativity with AppyKids’ Activities—a treasure trove of tutorials, printables, downloads, and more! From arts and crafts to coloring sheets and educational resources, we offer a wide array of activities designed to engage and educate young minds. Get started on a world of fun and learning today!

Latest Activities

Transform your desktop into a gallery of fun and imagination with 'AppyKids Art Adventure.' Our collection of desktop wallpapers offers a playful reinterpretation of famous artworks from Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Dali. Designed to captivate and inspire, these vibrant backgrounds are perfect for art enthusiasts of all ages. Add a touch of artistic flair to your daily routine with these visually stunning and creatively reimagined masterpieces!
Join the creative journey with 'Tappy Colors the Classics,' a unique coloring activity. Explore the art of Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh through coloring. Ideal for children, art lovers, and creative minds, this book blends classic art with playful interaction. Dive into coloring pages that transform into personal masterpieces, combining Tappy's charm with timeless artistic styles.
The Appies and The Elves are busy wrapping all the gifts in time for Christmas. Can you spot the differences in these images? Get your magnifying glasses out.
Simple Maze Game featuring Santa. Help Santa choose the right chimney to deliver the gifts on time for the children.
Print and Cut Activity featuring Santa, Rudolph, an Elf and a Snowman that you can personalise with your very own message. Get into the festive spirit with these Appy Christmas Door Hangers. Spread holiday cheer and add a personalized touch to your decorations.
Looking for festive mobile phone wallpapers? Look no further! Check out our collection of Appy Christmas mobile wallpapers that will bring holiday cheer to your device.
Get ready for the holiday season with these printable Christmas bauble colouring sheets. Perfect for kids of all ages, this fun activity will keep them entertained for hours.
Embark on a cosmic journey with Gappy's Alien Shape Sorting! Perfect for young learners, this printable activity invites kids to match shapes with friendly aliens, enhancing their recognition of basic geometric forms in a playful, interstellar setting.
Get ready to explore the solar system with Gappy! Download and print these sheets to help young ones color in the planets, making learning fun and engaging.
Join the interstellar party with Comet 67P's mysterious space tune, now remixed with electrifying beats for an out-of-this-world musical experience! Perfect for cosmic explorers of all ages, plug in your headphones and groove to the rhythm of the stars.
Dive into a universe of fun with Nappy's Space Puzzles! Our printable activity sheets offer a cosmic blend of mazes, word searches, planet colouring, and an alien-themed spot-the-difference challenge. Perfect for young astronauts aiming to boost their brainpower while having a stellar time!
Hey there, Appy Adventurers! 🌟 Are you ready for a colorful journey into the fascinating world of arthropods? We've got something special for you—a downloadable and printable Arthropods Colouring Sheet that's not just fun but educational too!

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