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Step into the world of AppyFlix, your one-stop destination for kids’ videos in both English and Arabic. From original character content to how-tos and tutorials, we offer a diverse range of engaging videos designed to educate and entertain young minds. Tune in now for endless fun and learning!

Latest Videos

Join us on a delightful journey with 'Five Little Ducks' as part of our Tiny Tunes playlist. Not only will your children enjoy singing along, but they'll also enhance their counting and subtraction skills in the most entertaining way!
Dance along with farmer Moosa and his animals in this episode of Tiny Tunes. Experience Old MacDonald like never before, with foot-tapping Arabic rhythms that teach you about farm animals!
Dive into the world of Arabic alphabets with our Alphabeats collection! Featuring 28 catchy songs, this video is a fun and educational way for kids to learn Arabic letters and their phonetic associations. Don't miss out!
Discover the fascinating reason behind those embarrassing stomach noises as Karim, the knowledgeable guru, reveals all in this intriguing episode of Karim's WOWs!
Discover the fascinating science behind vocal sounds with Karim! Join Farah as she delves into the mysteries of laughter, crying, dreaming, and sneezing in this enlightening episode of Karim's WOW series.
Curious minds like Farah's often ponder the enigmatic aspects of life, from laughter to tears, dreams to sneezes. Join her on a journey of discovery as she delves into Karim's profound insights in the latest episode of 'Karim's WOWs.' In this installment, prepare to uncover the secrets behind our laughter.
Discover the captivating science behind our skin's varied hues as Karim delves into the intriguing world of skin colors. Join Farah in her quest for knowledge and prepare to be WOWed!
Curious about the mysteries of human behavior? Dive into Karim's WOWs, where Karim unravels the science behind our everyday actions. In this episode, discover why we blink and prepare to be amazed by the insights!
Ever wondered why we sneeze? Join Farah and Karim in the first episode of Karim WoWs! as they delve into the scientific reasons behind sneezing. Prepare to be amazed!
Join Zee, Farah, and Karim on an unforgettable African adventure as they help a lion with a toothache regain his roar. Watch this exciting episode on Zee's Appysodes!
Dive into Episode 5 of 'The Adventures of Zee' as Zee, Farah, and Karim help a struggling whale find his musical talent. Don't miss the underwater adventure that's making waves!
Travel back in time with Zee, Farah, and Karim in Episode 3 of 'The Adventures of Zee' as they meet a young Ibn Battuta. Witness the birth of a great explorer as our heroes show him the wonders of the world!

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