Journey Through Time: Zee, Farah, and Karim Meet Young Ibn Battuta in Episode 3

Travel back in time with Zee, Farah, and Karim in Episode 3 of 'The Adventures of Zee' as they meet a young Ibn Battuta. Witness the birth of a great explorer as our heroes show him the wonders of the world!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your hero before they became famous? In Episode 3 of ‘The Adventures of Zee,’ Zee, Farah, and Karim get to do just that! They travel back in time to meet a young Ibn Battuta, who hasn’t yet embarked on any of his legendary journeys. Join our adventurous trio as they show little Battuta the wonders of the world and teach him a valuable lesson: to become a great explorer, you’ve got to follow your heart!

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