Why Do We Blink? Karim’s WOWs Explains the Science Behind It

Curious about the mysteries of human behavior? Dive into Karim's WOWs, where Karim unravels the science behind our everyday actions. In this episode, discover why we blink and prepare to be amazed by the insights!

Do you find yourself pondering the peculiarities of human behavior, like laughter, tears, dreams, or sneezes? If so, you’re not alone! Meet Farah, your inquisitive companion on a journey to unravel these mysteries. In this captivating series, titled “Karim’s WOWs,” Farah turns to the knowledgeable Karim to unearth the explanations behind these everyday phenomena. Join us in this episode as Karim sheds light on the fascinating reasons behind why we blink. Get ready to be WOWed by the science that governs our actions!

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