Nappy’s Space Mis-Adventures

Join Nappy and Super Happy in a space adventure filled with laughter, surprises, and good old Appylonia fun! As Nappy's curiosity takes him on a sleepwalk across the galaxy, Super Happy dashes through space to keep him on course. Meet the quirky aliens of Planet Nap, explore colorful planets, and dive into the fun and friendship that makes every Appies adventure a blast. Subscribe now and join the Appylonia crew for a journey filled with giggles, grins, and galactic good times!

One peaceful night in Appylonia sparks a curiosity in Nappy about the vast cosmos. Alongside Super Happy, he sets out on a space quest that turns into a comedy of cosmic proportions. As Nappy floats adrift in dreamland, Super Happy races through the stars to keep his friend from becoming a permanent space wanderer. With laugh-out-loud encounters on every planet and the heartwarming essence of friendship, this episode is a fun-filled ride from start to finish.

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