Zee’s Arabic Word Adventures

This fun and educational Arabic/English game is geared towards older children, ages 5 and above, who are learning how to read, write and spell words in Arabic.

About Zee's Word Adventures

Zee’s Word Adventures will transport you around the world and teach you how to spell Arabic words. You will spell your way from city to city visiting Dubai, New York, Paris and many other exciting places.

It all starts with Zee’s map, you’ll see the cities to visit and all the words you’ll learn how to spell. Each destination has a set of words attributed to it (word set). For each word, you have to choose the correct letters and place them to their corresponding space in the word. Arabic letters change shape according to their position in a word ­ you can see the change happening as the letters connect to one another! The words are of varying difficulty.

With each word completed you will see the fuel gauge on Zee’s airplane fill up, this enables you to move on to the next word. Spell the words correctly within the allotted time and you are rewarded with stars. Earn three stars and receive an interactive souvenir. Your passport is stamped as proof that you have successfully completed that level.

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