The PPP Approach. Present. Practise. Play!

The AppyKids Play School Smart Kit uses presentation, practice, production (PPP) sequencing to introduce children to information, such as sounds, shapes, colours and numbers. This has the advantage of priming children to the language necessary to acquire the information they need.

PPP is simple and effective, it has the specific advantage of being suitable for teaching and learning at the initial beginner levels and was chosen by the AppyKids development team for this reason.

You will notice that the learning tasks within the AppyKids Play School app begin with a story based song, which present the information to be learned. The individual elements are then isolated and repeated again. Children are then allowed to practice freely applying the knowledge they have learned and then the final stage adds an element of risk as children are encouraged to produce what they have acquired.

The main emphasis of this is of course production and it is here, together with AppyKids Connect classroom games, you can really make the leap forward to more task-based activities, cementing a child’s knowledge with a total physical response.

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