A Buzzing Adventure: Zee, Farah, and Karim Discover the World of Bees in Episode 4

Join Zee, Farah, and Karim in Episode 4 of 'The Adventures of Zee' as they learn about the fascinating world of bees. From annoying bugs to beautiful creatures, discover how bees play a vital role in our ecosystem!

Bees—annoying or amazing? In Episode 4 of ‘The Adventures of Zee,’ Zee, Farah, and Karim find themselves questioning their initial perception of these buzzing creatures. Thanks to Tettah, Zee’s wise grandmother, they decide to get to know the bee that’s been buzzing around them. What follows is a sweet little tour that opens their eyes to the busy and beautiful world of bees. Sing along with our adventurous friends as they learn about the importance of these tiny pollinators!

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