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Learn to tie your shoelaces with Sappy

Sappy is so used to velcro shoes, the old tying of shoelaces seems to be difficult now. However, teaching sappy and yourself to tie your own shoelaces, is a simple task and it will also improve your cognitive skills. The whole twisting and turning and the complicated tying of the bunny ears might look like […]

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Make a wishing jar with clappy.

Each time you wish you could go to your favourite playground, go see your best friend who stays far or maybe have a yummy pizza or whatever heart desires at that moment, why not write it down on a piece of paper and pop it into your own appy wishing jar? Creating your appy wishing […]

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Make your favourite paper craft appy

Want to make your own favourite appy. Its simple,Download the templates in this article to make your own Appy. Step 1. Download and print any Appy, it can be Happy, Mappy or sleepy head Nappy. You can even download a colour your own appy to make a more personalised appy. Please see the instructions to […]

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Multilingual Families? Where to start?

Passing on a mother tongue to our children is a natural way to connect our children to their cultural roots.