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We love what we do and these awards are a reflection of the passion and expertise of the team. Our reward is seeing children learning happily with AppyKids! 

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Welcome to the AppyKids Sandbox where you can discover lots of Appy content. There are fun worksheets, colouring books, videos, tutorials and more, to help you support your child's learning journey at home and in school.

Kids Development

Writing vs Typing

Writing with a pen and paper seems to be a lost art – we do the research to find out the consequences.

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Our Mission

Smart Fun for Everyone!


Mom, Dad and Me

True progress happens when parents and children learn and play together.


Learn Through Play

Let them be kids! The best way for them to learn is when it feels like play!


Immersive, Engaging and Fun

Our content comes in many forms, from apps and storybooks to toys and videos.

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